We specialize in liquidation services & solutions. Catering to your excess & unwanted inventory through customized solutions that work for your product and situation.

Liquidate Inventory with No Up-Front Costs!

We provide the following services & solutions to your business. 

⁃Liquidation of unwanted goods including but not limited to overstock, dead stock, off season, custom holdings etc


-Inventory Management 


⁃B2B merchandise brokering

Who can liquidate with us?

⁃Vendors, manufacturers, department stores who generate significant amounts of excess, distressed merchandise and need an ongoing liquidation solution.

⁃Vendors going out of business or closing down their stores.

⁃Logistics companies with abandoned or repossessed freight.

⁃Vendors sitting on a large quantity of merchandise that they have been unable to sell using their regular or alternative sales channels, and who are ready to significantly reduce their asking price in order to liquidate the goods.

⁃Financial or legal institutions needing to liquidate any consumer, retail or warehouse assets in possession.

The program is not appropriate for vendors who wish to sell their regular product line or wholesale.

You can keep the goods at your facility or ship them to us if you need to free up warehouse space.

Based on the quantity available, the mix of products and the desired recovery, it can be worthwhile to  process inventory into small lots.