M12 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Drain Cleaning Airsnake Air Gun Kit with (1) 2.0Ah Battery, Toilet Attachments


  • Instantly Reach Clogs Past Vent Stacks, 35ft Out
  • Variable Pressure Control, Up to 50 PSI
  • Part of the M12 system, featuring over 100+ tools

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The MILWAUKEE M12 AIRSNAKE Drain Cleaning Air Gun Kit is the industry’s only drain cleaning machine designed to clear through drain covers and traps with powered air. The cordless air gun enables users to clear clogged drains while leaving fixtures and drain covers intact. The tool is designed for 1 in.-4 in. drain lines and has the power to clear up to 35 ft. past vent stacks and tees. The drain cleaning air gun has a variable pressure dial providing users with complete control when working on delicate pipe systems. Powered air flushes water out of pipes, completely removing grease and sludge from pipe walls. Drain professionals, plumbers, and facility maintenance crews will be able to work faster when clearing clogs with the ability to work over sinks and eliminate retrieval mess. The M12 AIRSNAKE is powered by Milwaukee M12 REDLITHIUM battery packs, providing users with more work per charge and more work over pack life. Built-in REDLINK Intelligence gives users optimized performance and overload protection against abusive situations. In addition to the air gun, this kit includes (1) M12 REDLITHIUM CP 2.0 Battery (48-11-2420), (1) M12 Lithium-ion Battery Charger (48-59-2401), (1) 10″ Extension, (1) 1″- 2″ Drain Plug, (1) 2″ – 3″ Drain Plug, (1) 3″- 4″ Drain Plug, (1) Drain Shroud Attachment, (3) Straight Connectors, (1) Toilet Seal Attachment, (1) 15 degree Offset Connector and (1) Carrying Case.

  • Up to 50 PSI for tough clogs down the line
  • Power to clear clogs past vent stacks
  • Instantly reach clogs 35 ft. out
  • Variable pressure control to select the right PSI for compression fittings and older drain lines
  • Clears clogs through drain covers and traps with powered air
  • Includes: (1) M12 AIRSNAKE drain cleaning air gun, (1) M12 REDLITHIUM CP 2.0 battery, (1) M12 Lithium-ion battery charger, (1) 1 in.- 2 in. drain plug, (1) 2 in. – 3 in. drain plug, (1) 3 in.- 4 in. drain plug, (1) drain shroud attachment, (3) straight connectors, (1) 15 degree offset connector, (1) toilet seal attachment, (1) 10 in. extension and (1) carrying case
  • Over 25 pressure cycles on a single charge
  • Interchangable attachments optimized for seals on 1″ – 4″ drains, premantant drain stoppers and toilets
  • Tool Warranty 5 Years
  • Compatible with all M12 batteries and chargers
  • Part of the M12 system, featuring over 100 solutions


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